leak proof burp cloth
leak proof burp cloth

The Baby Sleeve - Paisley Print

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The Baby Sleeve is a Patented baby cloth that is uniquely designed for parents, especially babies that suffer with acid reflux.  The Baby Sleeve was born out of frustration with traditional products, and their tendency to fall out of place and inability to retain moisture; while feeding and burping your baby. The design produces a functional cloth that optimizes coverage, while also keeping clothes clean and dry.  It consists of five layers of fabric: four layers being 100% absorbent cotton that surround a waterproof layer which makes this product virtually indestructible. The Baby Sleeve is reversible and sits comfortably on either shoulder. Its unique design incorporates a draped sleeve to provide additional coverage and stability.   

The Burp Cloth can multi-task for you:

  •  Add the provided strap to transform The Baby Sleeve into a nursing cover
  • When wearing your baby, simply place The Baby Sleeve between you and your baby to stay clean from all the drips and spills.
  •  Due to its waterproof capabilities, it can serve as a changing pad; or as a car seat/stroller preserver for toddlers that are in potty training
  • Burp Cloth
  • Tummy time mat
  • Designed for Acid Reflux babies
  • Highly absorbent utility cloth
  • Machine washable
  • Fun designer prints for the parent


leak proof burp cloth
baby wearing
baby wearing